KCRG: Sen. Liz Mathis: Iowa's Medicaid system in 'state of emergency'

DES MOINES, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) Is Iowa's new private medicaid system working? It's a complicated question, and it depends on who you ask.

Most of Iowa's Democratic lawmakers will tell you no.

Tuesday, during a special session of the Human Resources Committee, Senator Liz Mathis (D-Cedar Rapids) said the new system was in a "state of emergency".

Mathis was one of the lawmakers who called the meeting, saying she'd heard a lot complaints from providers and Medicaid recipients since privatized care started, four months ago.

"I think there's a disconnect between what we're hearing from state officials and what is actually happening with providers," said Mathis. "Providers have a much different story."

Providers who spoke at the hearing told senators too many of their claims are being denied and payments for approved claims are taking weeks, not days.

"As of yesterday, we are still owed $3.3 million dollars, for April, May and June services," said Tim Roberts of ABCM Corporation, an Iowa company that provides nursing and rehabilitation services.

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