Gazette: Survey: Iowa Medicaid providers not getting paid on time, running into billing issues

Hundreds of Medicaid providers have run into billing issues since the April 1 transition of the state’s $5 billion Medicaid program over to three out-of-state, private insurers, according to a survey released by Iowa Democratic legislators on Monday.

The survey includes responses from more than 400 Iowa providers, including doctors, hospitals, clinics and not-for-profit agencies. Legislators used social media to solicit the responses over about a month’s time, during June and July.

Problems range from late and inaccurate payments to increased administrative costs and reduction in services.

“We know that those who were drawn to the survey are people experiencing the most difficulty,” said Sen. Liz Mathis, D-Cedar Rapids. “But 423 responses is a pretty good number. There is a high number of people who are concerned or angry, and (423) is a reflection of larger numbers.”

Mathis is holding an out-of-session Senate Human Resources Committee meeting on Tuesday with representatives from the three managed-care organizations and the state Department of Human Services as well as Medicaid providers and beneficiaries to discuss the first four months of the transition.

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